Rain Harvesting

We are a stockist for the full range of Rain Harvesting products. Please view the video as an introduction to the vast array of informative videos and brochures provided on the Rain Harvesting website.

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First Flush Systems

Between downpours your roof collects contaminants from the surrounding environment - bird and animal droppings, pollution from vehicles, stoves and heaters, dust from the atmosphere as well as chemicals from roof coatings and sealants. These are all washed down into your tank with the first flow of rainwater.

First Flush Water Diverters are a critical component of your rainwater management system. They prevent the first most contaminated water from reaching your tank, improving both the quality and safety of the water, helping to extend the life of pumps and internal appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers and reducing tank maintenance by ensuring it is filled with cleaner water.

The amount of water diverted should be a minimum of 20 litres per 100 square metres of roof area (or 0.2L per square metre). In calculating the amount of water to divert, consideration should be given to (1) the surface area of the roof and (2) the amount of pollutants on the roof and gutters.

Level Gauges

A very hand device for your tank is a water level gauge. These range from simple dipstick through mechanical float / stick devices (the higher the stick is above the tank the more water you have) to wireless electronic sensors which send the water level information to a receiver in the house. The choice of device is yours but can sometimes be dictated by the type of tank you own and it's location.

Leaf Guards

Leaf guards can be fitted to either the full length of your house guttering or as a separate trap (often called a rain head) fitted to any downpipe leading to the tank inlet. Leaves can quickly block downpipes, and guards often come as part of the tank package. If not, you should consider fitting one before you begin capturing rainwater.