Septic Tank

"Yank" The Australian Septic Tank

  • Working capacity 3085 litres
  • Designed and manufactured in Tasmania to comply with the Standards as required by AS/NZS 1546.1:2008
  • Rotationally moulded from UV resistant polyethylene, "Yank" tanks will give many years of trouble free service
  • "Yank" tanks save installation time
  • No on site assembly of inlet or outlet connections
  • No hold down attachments required
  • No lid or baffle to fit
  • Easy installation instructions provided
  • Septic filter can be provided at an additional cost

Liquid Storage Tank

  • Working capacity 3500 litres
  • The "Yank" tank can also be used for general liquid storage
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • For above ground installations a support frame is recommended


  • Length - 2.2 metres
  • Width - 1.7 metres
  • Depth - 1.4 metres
  • Weight - 195 kilograms

Installation Instructions

  1. Your excavation should be a minimum of 2.4m long, 2.0m wide and a depth to suit your installation. The invert of the outlet is 1.1m from the base of the tank. The invert of the inlet is 1150mm from the base of the tank. You will need to allow 100mm for a sand bed.
  2. Maximum depth of cover over the top of the tank should not exceed 200mm.
  3. Prepare a compacted, LEVEL sand bed with a minimum depth of 100mm.
  4. Carefully lower the tank into place on the sand bed.
  5. Half fill the tank with water.
  6. Backfill around the tank with bedding sand and compact thoroughly up to the half way point. Do not allow any large or sharp objects into the back fill.
  7. Connect your 100mm drainage pipe to the inlet and outlet as required.
  8. Complete the filling of the tank with water up to the operating level and backfill as per step 5.

Your tank is now ready for service.

Important note: The lid of your tank is factory sealed. Should the lid be removed at any stage a new silicone seal MUST be applied.

Global Contract Services Pty Ltd highly recommends that flexible couplings be used to join inlet and outlet piping to the septic tank when it is installed in soils rated CLASS E, H or P. Using flexible couplings may allow a small amount of movement to connections in these types of soil and help eliminate the unlikely occurrence of the connecting pipes being dislodged with soil movement. It is strongly recommended that a licensed plumber be used to install the tank.