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Subject to the warranty qualifications listed below, GPWT Pty Ltd ACN 611 845 660 ABN 52 611 845 660 (the “Manufacturer”) provides its customer (the “Purchaser”) with the following warranty.

During the period of 12 years from the date of purchase, the Manufacturer will as its option, repair or replace any defect in the Purchaser’s polyethylene tank is which is attributed to the manufacture of it by the Manufacturer (the “Warranty”).

The Warranty is void and of no effect:

  • In respect of defects specifically drawn to the Purchaser’s attention before purchase;
  • This product is designed for the storage of Rain Water. Any other use is done so at the customers own risk unless expressly stated in writing by GPWT Pty Ltd ACN 611 845 660 ABN 52 611 845 660;
  • If the defect arises from use that is other than fair wear and tear;
  • Should the Purchaser not comply with the installation and security instructions contained on this sheet;
  • If the Purchaser does not return by mail or hand the warranty card to the Manufacturer within one month of the date of purchase (the Manufacturer will not be responsible for warranty cards lost in the mail).

All implied warranties and conditions other than those provided in the warranty are expressly excluded, except those in the Trade Practices Act 1974 and any other legislation which can-not be excluded and which give the Purchaser the benefit of certain non-excludable rights and remedies. Where such terms cannot be excluded, then to the extent that the law allows, the Manufacturer’s liability shall be limited to the remedies available under such legislation and the Manufacturer will not be liable for any special damage, loss of profits or other indirect or consequential loss damage suffered by the Purchaser.

The Purchaser acknowledges that:

  • The manufacturer has the right to modify and improve the design of the Purchaser’s polyethylene tank should it consider it necessary;
  • The tank colour may fade over time;
  • Care should be taken to ensure rain water for drinking is collected off a suitable surface;
  • All specifications are approximate and subject to change; and
  • It has read and understood the contents of this warranty sheet.

Warning: All Purchasers must on receipt of the polyethylene tank read and follow the instructions.

Global Poly Water Tanks are manufactured for the storage of drinking water and all materials used are suitable for contact with drinking water.

Site Preparation Instructions

GPWT Pty Ltd ACN 611 845 660 ABN 52 611 845 660 or its agents do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the preparation of the tank site or the installation of its products. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser, or their agent to ensure the site has been prepared correctly, in accordance with these instructions and is maintained on an ongoing basis.

The site must be prepared as follows:-

  • Tank site must be level and free of any rocks/stones or foreign objects that may damage base of the tank.
  • Site must be solid. If fill is to be used, ensure tank site is well compacted.
  • Tanks can be positioned on 75-100mm of level bedding sand, crusher dust of FRC, a level concrete slab or a tank stand.
  • Tank pads should be at least 300mm greater in diameter than the tank.
  • Tank pads must be adequately retained to avoid any under tank erosion from wind, water or vermin, such as rabbits.
  • Concrete slabs must be smooth finished and of sufficient thickness and suitably reinforced to support the tanks weight when full.
  • Tank stands should have hardwood decking spaced no greater than 50mm apart.
  • Bearers must have sufficient strength to prevent deflection when tank is full.
  • The tank should not be buried greater than one third of its wall height. If tank is to be partially buried, fill with water prior to back filling, and back fill with clean sand only. Water level in the tank should remain at or above ground level at all times.
  • Tank overflow must be piped well away from the tank to avoid undermining the base.
  • With tank stands, pipes should be supported by the stand, not the tank.
  • In all installations make sure outlet pipes are joined to the tank outlet fitting with a flexible coupling or pipe and properly supported, not depending on the tank walls for stability.