The information on this page has been provided courtesy of the ARMA

Benefits of Poly Tanks:

  1. They are made from rotomoulded polyethylene which is virtually unbreakable
  2. No rust, cracking fibres or water tainting problems that can be associated with metal tanks; simply the best quality
  3. Large range of colours available
  4. Child protection accessories make poly tanks safe for all families
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Range of sizes available

Preparing Your Home:

All the information in this section is designed to help you make an informed decision to choose the best poly tank for your needs and to ensure that it continues to do an effective job for many years to come. It's also vital to know that a water tank is made of the right material for your family's health and local conditions. Ask your agent or manufacturer if your tank meets Australian & New Zealand Standards - it is certified to AS/NZS 4766:2006 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water and Chemicals? They will be able to show you a copy of their certification or the tank will be clearly marked as being licensed to the standard. The standard isn't mandatory so if your tank is not certified here are some great questions to ask when buying:

Q - Where is the tank made?

A - Some imported tanks are made from material that isn't suitable, might not have a warranty, or include fittings that are difficult and expensive to replace

Q - Does the plastic contain UV protection specifically for our local climate?

A - Our local climate can be incredibly harsh. Polyethylene is ideal because it contains the right ingredients to make it endure our environment.

Q - Is the plastic used in the tank certified as safe for drinking (potable)?

A - If light can get into your water tank it can help algae grow which can affect the health of your family. The government standard sets manufacturer guidelines about the correct thickness and colour of material. Properly certified polyethylene is safe for drinking water. Unfortunately some imported tanks may not be made from material which has been properly tested.

Q - Is the stated capacity of the tank calculated according to the standard?

A - The calculation in the standards ensures that manufacturers can only state the actual amount of water than can be stored in the tank once fittings have been installed.

Q - Does the manufacturer maintain a product trace system?

A - Good manufacturers will be able to trace your product to its source material, hold records of when and where it was made and detail what tests it underwent before leaving the factory.

Q - Is there a warranty with the tank?

A - Don't be seduced by lengthy warranties. Twelve years is a reasonable warranty period. Carefully read the conditions and installation instructions before you buy so that you know your rights and obligations should you ever need to make a claim.

Q - Has the tank design been tested?

A - Like any material, plastic has some limitations when it is placed under stress (by filling). It's important that your tank has been well designed and properly tested to ensure it's suitability for purpose.

Q - How do I maintain y tank and installation to ensure my warranty is valid?

A - Your manufacturer should give you written guidelines to help you maintain the base, fittings and installation of your tank so it will last and continue to provide excellent quality water storage.

Q - Is it made by a member of Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia?

A - The ARMA are the representative body of the majority of leading poly tank manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. We help our members to maintain their status at the forefront of the industry and to set the leading standards in the water tank marketplace. Check to see if your manufacturer is a member by calling on (07) 3812 1450 or clicking here.